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Director of Photography

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About the Project

Natalie Newman approached me to create a website intended for prospective employers. She had several videos that she wanted to open in a lightbox (a feature where, when you click on the video, the rest of the page dims to highlight the video or photo). She also requested a one page design and mouseover effect for images.


Natalie Newman is a director of photography offering 14 years experience in motion picture cinematography.

Some entities Natalie has worked for CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MTV, Discovery, the History Channel, and the Travel Channel.

Working with a range of formats, Natalie shoots from helicopters, inside prison dorms, in blizzards, in developing countries…and she’s always on the hunt for the next incredible story to tell.

The projects she has worked on vary from narrative to commercial, reality/doc to aerial.

Natalie is currently a freelance director of photography, a news helicopter photojournalist, and a faculty member at Berkeley City College.